StatPlan ... Market Intelligence in Electricity, Gas, Water & Utilities

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StatPlan is an authority on the global energy industry, especially electricity. We publish reports, forecasts and databases on energy infrastructure (generation, transmission and distribution), key products (such as transformers, water, gas and electricity meters, cable, towers, poles and insulators) and key market drivers that influence demand (specifically electrification and gasification).

Energy Research and Forecasting

StatPlan delivers the next generation of reports and forecasts, based on analysis of robust data. Research is only as good as the quality and comprehensiveness of the data input and to that end we have created a new series of 19 data sets covering the global market for energy generation, transmission and distribution, using many more and newer sources of information. These provide the foundation for our market analysis and allow us to consider many more variables in our forecasting.

Energy Consultants

We also offer ad hoc consultancy for companies operating in the energy sector, leading all projects ourselves and utilising our network of consultants when we need additional capacity. These assignments might be to improve market performance, understand and develop new market opportunities or ensure current market propositions remain relevant and aligned to customer needs.

Analytical Skill

Principal author and editor of all StatPlan Energy publications is Euan Blauvelt. He has worked in the energy industry for 25 years and is acknowledged as an industry expert. His reports and insights are keenly anticipated by the world's leading supply chain manufacturers, consultancies, banks, financial analysts and utilities. He was co-founder and research director of ABS Energy & Power in 1992 where he was responsible for overseeing the databases and reports. He personally has created many of the databases and written many of the reports.

It takes time and analytical skill to unravel the many sources of information that are out there, to work out what is reliable and what is comparable. We are rapidly being recognised as experts in the sector, our team having many years of monitoring the industry and delivering analysis and expertise.

Download our full publication list (PDF) here.
For a Statement of StatPlan's Forecasting Principles click here.


Coming Soon ~ 9 Power Sector Reports

Power Sector Reports
To be released in August with the launch of our new website, the objective of these reports is to provide data and analysis of all aspects of the power sector, for those concerned with the markets for mechanical and electrical equipment, and for planners concerned with the infrastructure, the capacity and future growth of generation facilities, and for transmission and distri-bution networks. The Power Sector Reports are constructed in modules so that users with differing inter-ests can purchase those parts which are of interest, without having to buy a lot of unnecessary infor-mation.

This series of reports charts capital expenditure on the plants and networks amounting to $750 billion in 2015. This expenditure is charted historically, forecast to 2020 and analysed by infrastructure segment, energy source and re-gion and by cost component.

Read the brochure here.


Our current publication list includes: