Electricity & Gas Utility Customer Analysis Ed 1 2020

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Database to segment the world electricity utility market
11,271 distribution utilities listed
7,182 electricity & 4,089 gas utilities
901 electricity & 380 gas transcos



The purpose of this database Electricity & Gas Utility Customer Analysis report is to provide a tool to segment and target utility markets.

Analyse the world population of electricity and natural gas distribution utilities by country and size.

This database is designed as a practical resource for marketers of equipment, technology or services for electricity and gas transmission and distribution utilities. If you sell any products, technology or services to utilities this database will enable you target your market efficiently, whether you seek the largest utilities with expensive high end systems, or small utilities with low cost basic products.

Examples of products and services for utilities

  • Smart meters, standard meters
  • Power and distribution transformers
  • Gas utility pressure regulators and compressors
  • Switchgear – distribution panels, fuse gear circuit protectors, surge arresters, fuse gear, switches
  • Insulators & bushings, spacers, dampers & fittings, lightning arresters
  • Flow control
  • Insulators & bushings, spacers, dampers & fittings
  • Pipework analysis
  • Distribution automation including SCADA
  • Smart grid technology
  • Accountancy software
  • Optimisation and simulation software

Save money by zeroing straight in on your prime targets, the utilities which purchase these and other products and services. Some products or services involve high investment and are designed for large utilities. Many more are in the intermediate or small range. Whichever category you are in, this database provides a basic marketing resource to segment and target your market.
901 electricity & 380 natural gas transmission utilities, 7,182 electricity & 4,089 natural gas distribution utilities are listed by country and analysed by size.

The electricity utility data is analysed globally, by 10 regions and 207 countries.

This electricity database has some surprises and without the information opportunities could be missed and wrong directions taken. For example, in the addressable markets of electricity utilities Europe and North America have 76% of the world’s DSOs, with only 11% of the largest companies but 77% of the smallest. In contrast, Asia has only 4% of the total number, but 87% of the largest utilities. South America has only 3.6% of the total, but 16% of the mid-size.

The database has many such comparisons, which demonstrates its value as a targeting resource.

The gas utility data is analysed globally, by 10 regions and 207 countries. However, whereas grid electricity is almost universal, albeit limited in the smallest countries, piped gas is supplied in only 84 countries. Most countries have tanked or cylinder LPG, often widely available.

The composition of the gas utility population is different from electricity utilities, in that it has fewer very large utilities and more mid-sized, reflecting the more concentrated asset base of the gas sector. The database will give you the resource to locate and navigate the gas utility sector.

This report has been compiled mainly from primary research, with some secondary sources. The data-base is the product of hundreds of hours of research, searching thousands of utilities in over 200 countries. 92.5% of all electricity and 82.2% of all natural gas customers have been identified by utility.

The report is presented in Excel with 12 spreadsheets, each containing data for electricity and gas – two summarising the global data and analysis and one for each of ten regions; Europe, CIS, Middle East, North Africa, sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, Pacific, North America, South America, and Central America.

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