Global Electricity Utility Analysis & Forecasts Ed 2 2021

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The purpose of this report is to provide a resource to quantify, segment and target the markets of electricity utilities and their customers. The report provides analysis of the customer bases of global electricity utilities with historical data forecast to 2030 by country, and snap-shots of individual utility customer bases in 2019.

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The data provides market analysis in tiers; Global, Regional, National, Utilities and drills down to the Customer Bases of individual Utilities. 10 regions and 211 countries.

901 Electricity Transcos > 7,182 Electricity Discos > 2,224 million Consumers

  • Locate and target market segments at different tiers and channel strategies can be developed to reach them.
  • 901 electricity transmission utilities, 7,182 electricity distribution utilities, with 2,224 million customers analysed by country and utility.
  • These databases can be used in two ways. You can use them to target utilities as primary end-customers, if you are selling products or services to the utilities directly, and you can prioritise the utilities by size, region and country. For example, you could identify the 38 electricity discos in the world with over 10 million customers, or the 316 with 1 million or more. You might be more interested in the 6,865 smaller electricity utilities with under 1 million customers. Or you could pick the 213 small utilities in South America,and drill down further by size or country.
  • Or, you can segment the 2.24 billion customers of the utilities, by country and utility size. The databases have wider implications for other associated product fields. The discos supply power or gas and they are also channels to reach electricity and gas consumers for a multitude of other associated product offers. Many municipal discos have already developed ranges of products and services, some widely different from energy but carried via the channel of their energy supplies.
  • Zero straight in on your prime targets. Some products or services involve high investment and are designed for large utilities. Many more are in the intermediate or small range. Whichever category you are in, this database provides a basic marketing resource to segment and target your market.

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