Global Gasification Trends 2012-2050

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Contents in the Overview & Data-base include:
The significance of the gas household, Demographic factors driving gas demand, Gas sources, Review of the leading residential gas consuming countries (includes USA, China, Japan, South Korea, Russia, UK, Germany, Italy, France), Review of developing country markets (includes Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Thailand, India, UAE, Egypt and Iran), Forecasts by country to 2050 for all countries with existing distribution networks, Population trends, historic and forecast, Household size trends, historic and forecast, Number of connections, historic and fore-cast.



The Adoption of Piped Natural Gas Around the World (Global Gasification Trends Report & Database)

This Global Gasification Trends report and database is designed to help strategists and marketers by bringing together a number of variables that have been traditional metrics for forecasting market trends, each of which on their own tend to significantly underestimate market trends, but taken together provide a far more robust vision of the future for piped natural gas.

The parameters we examine are population growth, household size trends and market penetration for natural gas. Our approach is proven by comparing our analysis from a 1990 base to recorded market data—if we were forecasting in 1990 on this basis, we would have been very close to reality.

The 77 page overview, which includes 63 figures and tables, provides background to major markets and explains our approach in detail. The Excel File which is the core of the product accompanies provides forecast growth in terms of household connections for all countries with natural gas distribution networks in 2013. GGT is a companion product to our 2012 title “Electrification Trends 2012 – 2050”

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