Poles for Street Lights & Parking Ed 2 2019

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This report provides forecasts and analysis of an important segment of the pole market – Street Light and Parking Lot poles. They account for 20% of the 1.7 billion global population of poles. Light pole sales are growing fast, driven by the rise of the megacities in the developing world, ever growing transport networks and Passive Safety regulations in the developed countries are changing materials and designs of poles.

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  • Sales of poles for street lights in units and $ value are forecast from 2018 to 2025 by country and pole type (steel/aluminium, concrete, wood, composite), for new installations and replacements.
  • Replacements of concrete and wood poles with Passive Safety steel/aluminium poles are analysed.
  • Passive Safety is driving a switch from wood and concrete to steel, aluminium and composite poles for street lights segment of the market.
  • Passive Safety is a significant driver of the poles for street lights market. The concept appeared about thirty year ago and is now accepted as essential for road safety in advanced countries. This report explains what it is and how it works and its impact on the demand for poles.
  • Not all roads need Passive Safety devices. Passive Safety poles choices are based on road category, accident rates and speed limits. These categories determine the type of Passive Safety pole required.
  • Road segments and their requirement for Passive Safety are analysed.
  • Types of Passive Safety poles are described, with their applications.
  • The road networks – intercity, urban and rural continue to expand.
  • In the developing world the exponential expansion of megacities is creating continuous demand for more street lights. Some of the Middle Eastern countries are leading in Passive Safety regulation, with increased cost per unit.
  • The Smart City concept is well established and many cities are introducing smart measures. Street lighting is an important element of the Smart City, including a switch from HPS lamps to LEDs, and CMS. Passive safety is an important ingredient and poles are being modernised.
  • Parking is receiving increased attention. Demand is growing and it uses a disproportionate amount of space in today’s cities. The parking situation varies enormously around the world, some countries prefer open lot parking and others choose multi-storey parking, but it is becoming a ‘hot’ market in some countries.
  • On-street parking is served with street lights, off-street parking consists of parking ‘garages’ which have wall-mounted light fittings and parking lots need light poles. The parking market is analysed together with the parking lot pole population and annual installations.
  • 56 manufacturers of poles of all materials feature in this report including; Valmont, Europole, Induo Systemholztechnik, Sabre Industries, Union Metal, Shakespeare, Strongwell, RS Technologies, Powertrusion, Duratel, Koppers Inc, Scanpole, Sapa, Jerol, Petrofisa, Structa, and others.

Pages 161, figures 26, tables 145

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